Welcome to Umbrellix, where the cluster names are made up, the airplanes are fictional (Umbrellix FlightGear Hangar), the wiki had to be restored from a backup from last year or worse and the credentials matter.

We've added an ad to the webpage, sorry guys >_< And if you have ads blocked, I advise donating to bitcoin address 1KTkMbhx5QoRC83iTNBj3mNzWPwD2st58v in order to keep this site and IRC running.

Umbrellix has split from OpenStar.

Copypasta repository

Available on this wiki is a repository of copypastas, some informational and some just downright bizarre.

Umbrellix has switched to chatd and is no longer open link. We still entertain support requests for the old nefarious-based ircd. You may download it here (openstar-ircu.zip) or git clone https://github.com/asterIRC/openstard.git at any terminal as the user you wish to install your IRCd as on the machine you wish to install the IRCd on.

The example-openstar.conf configuration file is the one you want to use - please comment out/delete the spoofhost blocks if you don't wish to use them. Ronsor is going to be very embarrassed, because he kinda didn't.


Rank/witty joke Usual IRC nick Channels Frequented
Tinpot dictator Ellenor #cafe, #attic
Totally not trying to get in the dictator's pants Sophia #cafe, #attic

Old Routing (section split to new page)