Welcome back to Umbrellix.

The server got wiped, and the .lrz can't be decoded.

Merci pour votre coöpération.

To connect to Umbrellix

First, if you're unfamiliar with IRC, there is a web client you can use at chat.umbrellix.net, but you'd benefit from downloading an IRC client. For new users, I recommend HexChat.

Quick information for the initiated: irc.umbrellix.net plain: 6667 tls: 6697 the main channel is #cafe

In Hexchat:

  1. Open HexChat.
  2. In the Network List (if you don't have this open, press Ctrl+S) click “Add.” Call the network whatever you want, but I suggest “Umbrellix” or what it used to be called, “AsterIRC.”
  3. “Edit…” the new network entry you just added. Click on the “newserver/6667” thing. It should change to a text box.
  4. Type in the stead of the newserver thingy, “irc.umbrellix.net/6697” - PRESS ENTER SO IT DOESN'T FAIL.
  5. Tick “Use SSL for all servers” (if you don't, you'll need a + symbol after the slash, so “irc.umbrellix.net/+6697”) and “Accept invalid SSL certificates” (yes I know you should not! We're just too cheap to put a cert in escrow or w/e)
  6. If you have a NickServ account already (e.g. by registering on the webchat), change your login method to “SASL (username + password)”, untick Use global user information, enter in the Username field the nickname you signed up with, and enter in the password field the password your nickserv account has.
  7. Now, conclude the whole shebang with an anticlimactic tap on the “Close” button.
  8. Now connect to Umbrellix via the definition you just entered.

To apply to link:

  1. Make sure you have a copy of the latest IRCd code.
  2. Be friends with another server admin.
  3. ???
  4. Link